F L O R & F L O R E

Dimpel Flor Rabbit Blue

What's to L O V E about Flor & Flore

Flor & Flore were created in 2014. The lovely twin brother and sister are our very own modern take on the classic Neela bunny. These hoppy twins have a friendly (and very curious) soft rounded nose, a brand-new textured ribbon and a new furry outfit. We’ll bet you won’t be able to resist running your fingers through Flor & Flore’s cuddly fur!

Available is several colours & styles. Always completed with a cute textured ribbon in a matching colour.

Discover Flor & Flore and their everlasting softness!

Dimpel Flore Rabbit Violet
Flor Greybeige

Available colors for Flor: Greybeige, lightblue & Lightgrey. Always finished with a bandana.

Available colors for Flore: White, light pink & violet pink. Flore wears a cute, matching butterfly ribbon.

Dimpel Flore Rabbit White