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We know it can be difficult to choose the perfect Dimpel friend from our collection.

We recommend browsing the dedicated pages for every member of our family. They all have an individual name and personal backstory. Maybe it can help you make a decision. Once you have chosen your favourite Dimpel you can select the styles and colours you would like to have from the collection.

Our collections can carry the following styles:


Tutties are the smallest size comforters/doudous we carry. They have a loop to attach your baby’s pacifier. 

Tutties come in handy after a few months, so your baby can easily find their pacifier when they are sleeping


A doudou is a larger sized comforter, usually without the possibility to attach your baby’s pacifier. 

Some collections (Oscar, Emma & Ella) do carry a doudou with possibility to attach a pacifier.

Soft Toy

Our soft toys come in different sizes. This way, there’s a perfect match for all ages.

Musical Soft Toy

Musical soft toys have a music box inside and play a Chopin melody. It will calm your baby when they have to fall asleep or need some comfort.

Some advice to all mommy’s to be:

During your pregnancy, start sleeping with the Dimpel toys you have chosen for your little one. This way they take in your personal scent and your baby will immediatly feel safe and find comfort with their new Dimpel friend once it’s born.

If you have chosen for a Dimpel toy with music you can play the music for your baby during your pregnancy. It will have a calming effect on your little one and they will recognize the music when they are born.