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For big moments, for small moments

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For big moments, for small moments

About Dimpel

Dimpel creates the cutest cuddle toys for little ones since 1959. Created in Belgium, made with the highest quality materials and craftmanship. When designing a new friend, we pay attention to every small detail that matters. We go the extra mile, by sourcing the softest fabrics that match our signature elegant style and timeless brand. And we do it all with great passion and devotion, creating unique products for your children! 

For more than 62 years now, the Dimpel family has continued to grow. Today more than 30 creations have joined the Dimpel family. Every friend is unique, and carries an individual story with a charming name.
Dimpel cats, mice, bunnies and ducks usually have a feminine name. While our bears, dogs and elephants have a masculine one. Exceptions always prove the rule, which is no different at Dimpel. So don’t be surprised to find out that an elephant might have a bunny as a girlfriend, and that a cat and mouse can be twins!

Go ahead and discover our cute little friends, they would love to meet you!

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Dimpel is a work of love, 
passed on from generation to 
generation. Made only with the 
highest quality materials for your 
little one.

About us 

Joke & Cathérine

Today, the 2nd and 3rd generations are standing behind Dimpel together. Joke is the true spirit of the brand. Cathérine brings a fresh, new vision in to the world of Dimpel. And Féline & Emile, they are our greatest source of inspiration.

Together they make the best of it each day to bring the most beautiful and softest cuddle companions to your little ones.

And Always with a little touch of pink, can you tell?

Our fabrics

The softest fabrics you've ever felt

Our cuddle companions are made with the softest fabrics we can find. And they stay soft, even after years of cuddling. We believe only the best is good enough for you and your kids. Therefore, all fabrics used at Dimpel carry the Oeko-Tex Label to promise safety for your family.

Need some help to keep your Dimpel's in good shape? Check out our tips & tricks!

Handle with care

Want to discover the Dimpel softness?

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For big moments, for small moments

Dimpel's values


We pay attention to every small detail, because they matter to our little ones. a small bow, a tiny rounded nose, a soft music inside, all important details that are loved by our children.

Authentic & timeless

Creating unique products, with our own signature style, loved by the ones who we love the most. And even after years of cuddles, you will still love them.


We don't go half-way, we only want to best of the best for our little ones. We work with the highest quality materials and craftmanship. And always without compromises.


As we are a family bussines, we try to have a close contact with our customers. Always going the extra mile to meet their needs.

Meet the family

funny baby mouse


loving elephant


cuddle bunny


cute baby bear


fluffy and charming baby alpaca


floppy bunny


peaceful polar bear


adorable teddy bear


beautiful bunny


adventurous bear


compassionate dog


The Dimpel family excels in cuteness and
diversity. They come in all shapes and
sizes, but they're all equally as soft and

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